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Open Next / Previous File

Suppose you need to quick-edit 200 or 300 photos just downloaded from your camera to the hard drive. In such a workflow, choosing and opening the next file may take almost as much time as the editing itself.

The script "Open Next File" finds the next file in the same folder as the current document. For example, if you are working with a document named "IMG_7755.JPG", the script opens file "IMG_7756.JPG". (In case no files are open at the moment, the last opened image is considered the current one.)

Accordingly, the "Open Previous File" script opens the image file "IMG_7754.JPG".

The scripts "Close, Open Next" and "Close, Open Previous", not only let you jump to the next/previous image, but also close the current document without saving.

Tip. If you want the script to save the document prior to closing it, combine it with the "file - Save" or "file - Save as PSD" script from the "Commands" category (see example).

In some cases, launching the mentioned scripts from the "Script Arsenal" dialog may cause Photoshop losing focus.

You can resolve this issue by adding the scripts to the "File > Scripts" menu or into the "Actions" panel. Anyway, those launching methods are much better, since they let you jump to the next file with a single mouse click or a key press (more about).

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