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"Batch Optimized" Category

The "Batch Optimized" category intended for scripts optimized for the batch processing. That is all of those can be executed "silently" (without user participation).

Although those scripts don't open dialog windows, you customize their setting by using the "standard" versions of the same scripts.

For example, to batch-play "Fit Size" script:

  1. Open any image.
  2. Call the "Fit Size" dialog and define the maximum allowable width and height.
  3. Click the "Save and Close" Save and Close button button to make the script remember your settings.
  4. Open "Batch Process" dialog (File > Batch Process).
  5. Click "Browse" and choose on your computer the source files.
  6. Check "Use Script" gadget and select "Fit Size (for batch)" script.
  7. In "Save Options" area, define the target folder and format options for the processed images.
  8. Click "Start" button (screenshot).