RGB Color Model


Let's proceed to the color adjustments. To work with color efficiently you have to understand the foundations of the color theory. If you understand RGB model of color presentation, feel free to skip this page. If you don't, please read this at least once.

Simply put, all the colors are comprised of three sets of complementary colors:
Red     < - >  Cyan
Green  < - >  Magenta
Blue    < - >  Yellow

When adjusting a color, you affect its complementary color as well. For example:

1. By increasing amount of Red color in an image, you are also decreasing Cyan; if you decrease Red, you automatically increase Cyan.

2. If you reduce Green ( - ), the amount of Magenta grows ( + ); adding Green ( + ) subtracts Magenta ( - ). 

3. Increasing ( + ) Blue, reduces ( - ) Yellow; increasing ( + ) Yellow, subtracts ( - ) Blue.

And so on... Also bear in mind this relationship when you use channels for color adjustments. That is select the Red channel to adjust red and cyan colors, select the Green channel for greens and magentas and select the Blue channel for blues and yellows.

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