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Frequency Separation

This script prepares the layers required for the frequency separation method for skin retouching.

As result, you get three layers: the group "Shapes" contains the blurred image, the "Details" layer is responsible for the finer details, while the skin texture appears on the "Textures" layer.

Now you can hide the skin imperfection yet in the meantime retaining its natural texture.

- Choose a soft brush and reduce the stroke opacity.
- Make sure that the mask layer "Shapes" is selected in the Layers panel (fig. 1).
- Paint with white color to smoothen the skin.
- To remove the smoothing effect from certain areas, paint over those with black color.

If some minor defects stay on the skin:
- Select the "Textures" layer (fig. 2)
- Clear the unecessary spots with the Eraser tool.

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