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Fit Print

Just as "Fit Size", this script scales the image to fit into specified width and height. However, it uses "Print Size" values (as opposed to the "Pixel Dimensions") in the "Resize" dialog. For example, by limiting width and height to 20 cm we get equal long sides for the both "landscape" and "portrait" prints.

  1. Run "Fit Print" script.
  2. In "Resize" dialog that opens, enter the maximum allowable "Width" and "Height" values.
  3. If necessary, define the "Resolution" and "units" options.

    Attention! Be sure to only change "Print Size" values (on the screenshot, outlined with red). "Pixel Dimensions" area to be ignored!

  4. Click "OK" to apply the scaling.

Perhaps, fitting an individual print is not unsimilar to the regular usage of the "Resize" command. However, the script saves the specified parameters, thus enabling batch processing multiple files.

  1. Open "Batch Process" dialog (File > Batch Process).
  2. Click "Browse" and choose on your computer the source files.
  3. Check "Use Script" gadget and select "Fit Print (for batch)" script.
  4. In "Save Options" area, define the target folder and format options for the processed images.
  5. Click "Start" button.
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