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Script Recording

So, you have installed the ScriptListener plug-in recording your activity to the log file. Now you can create a script as follows:

1. Take the desired steps in Photoshop.
2. Open the "ScriptingListenerJS.log" file with a text editing program.
3. Copy the code fragment corresponding to your step sequence.
4. Create a file "<new script name>.jsx", paste the copied code, and save the file.

There is an easier way though. You can create a script right in the Photoshop window:

1. Run the "Start Recording" script (fig. 1).
2. Take the desired step sequence.
3. Run the "Stop Recording" script.
4. In the dialog that opens, define the new script name, choose the target category, and click "OK" (fig. 2).

Tip. If you use the "Start" and "Stop Recording" scripts often, add them to your Actions panel (fig. 3).

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