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Dehaze for CS6

If you use Photoshop CS6, this script lets you apply "Dehaze" adjustment, otherwise hidden in your version of Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) plug-in.

1. Open a native camera RAW (and not JPEG, TIFF, or DNG) file in the ACR plugin window, accomplish the needed adjustments, and click "Open Image" button.

2. Run "Dehaze for CS6" script that opens a dialog box.

3. Decrease the amount of haze with "Dehaze" slider (fig. 1).

4. To enable comparison of the modified photo with its previous version, check "Compare versions" option.

5. Click "Preview" button which reopens the photo in the ACR window.

6. Scrutinize the image preview. If you don't like what you see click "Cancel" button to discard the changes. Or, if you are happy with the achieved result, confirm the changes by clicking "Open Image" button.

In case of "Compare versions" option selected, alongside with opening the RAW photo itself, the script creates an additional document containing "before" and "after" states of the file as separate layers. Thus, you can easily evaluate the correction result by turning the uppermost layer on/off (fig. 2).

Important! The script only works if the ACR plugin saves the image settings to sidecar XMP file. Although this option must be selected by default, please, be sure to check the ACR-plugin preferences by clicking the button in the ACR window.

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