Typing in Photoshop

§ 1. Open an image of your choice or create a new one as it is shown in the movie.

§ 2. In the Toolbox, select the Horizontal Type Tool. In the Options bar, define font face, size, color, and other options.

§ 3. Click there, where you want to add an inscription. There appears a blinking cursor and anchor point (that's why this typing method is referred to as "point mode"). Type something. In this mode, every time you need to start a new line you have to press [Enter] key. When ready, press [Ctrl+Enter] keys, choose some tool in the Toolbox, or click some other interface element to commit the typing and return to normal editing*.
*Most commands won't work until you exit the "type" mode.

§ 4. Hold your mouse button and drag with the Type Tool over your image - a bounding box appears. This typing method is known as "paragraph" mode. The entered text is automatically wrapped to fit the paragraph width, so you don't need to press [Enter] key to start a new line.

§ 5. To edit the created text, select a fragment with the Type Tool and change its content, or alter its parameters in the Options bar. To access advanced text settings, go to the Character or Paragraph palette.

§ 6. Look at the Layers palette (Window > Layers). Every text fragment you create appears there as a separate layer. Selecting a type layer in the palette lets you treat the contained text fragment as a whole. For instance, adjust font style, size, color, or alter paragraph alignment method.

NB Layers will be discussed in the second chapter.

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