Recording Actions (1)

Ok, we've had some fun playing with the ready-made actions. Now it's time to record an action of our own. For example, let's create a yet another frame.

1. Open an image from our sample folder.

2. In the Actions palette menu, select the "My Actions" set (any Photoshop action must belong to a set).

3. Click the "new" button at the bottom of the palette. The "New Action" dialog appears. Enter a name for the action and click "Record" (movie).

NB The red button on the Actions palette means that all our operations being recorded. So be careful and avoid unnecessary steps.

4. First of all, we need more space for the new frame. Open the Canvas Size dialog, enlarge the canvas by 90 pixels and set the canvas extension color to white* (movie).
*Users of Photoshop 7 and earlier versions have to set background color before changing canvas size.

Look at the Actions palette. The first command has been recorded!

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