Recording Actions (2)

5. Activate the Magic Wand Tool and click in the upper left corner* to select the white frame around the image (movie).
*That is where image co-ordinates start. If you click in some other area, your action may not work properly with larger/smaller images.

6. Create a layer via copy [Ctrl+J].

7. Display the Styles palette and add to the Layer 1 (white frame) the Blue Glass style (movie).

8. Once finished - important! - click the button on the Actions palette to stop recording.

NB If you have made an unnecessary or wrong step while recording:
- stop recording
- drag and drop the error command(s) onto the "trash can" pictogram
- resume recording

9. I just can't wait to test the recorded action. Open some other image and play the Yet Another Frame. Does it work?

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