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Script Arsenal Setup

"Script Arsenal" (hereinafter, "SA") is a set of scripts that power up PaintShop Pro (hereinafter, "PSP").

For placing all the necessary files on your computer just run the SA installer (scriptarsenal_psp.exe) and follow its instructions.

Thereafter, you can access the SA features as follows:

  1. In PSP, select "Edit" workspace.
  2. Open "Script" panel (View > Toolbars > Script).
  3. From the drop menu, choose one of the "Script Arsenal" categories; for example, "Script Arsenal - Effects" (fig. 1).
  4. Choose a script from the list and click "play" button (fig. 2).
If you can't find "Script Arsenal" categories in the drop menu:
  1. In your file manager, go to "Documents > Script Arsenal for PSP > Scripts" folder and copy "Script Arsenal EN" subfolder to the clipboard.
  1. Browse to "Documents > Corel PaintShop Pro > <PSP.version> > Scripts-Trusted"* and paste the copied "Script Arsenal EN" folder.

    *In PaintShop Pro X3 and older versions - "Documents > My PSP Files > Scripts-Trusted".

A video on this topic is available here.